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Sony AS100V

Drift Stealth 2


Dazzne P2

Xiaomi Yi



G1W Budget 1080p Cam
Mini 0806

A118 Wedge Cam
Koonlung K1S
Marcus 5 Dual Camera
Transcend Drivepro 200
Vico WF-1
Marcus 4
Philips ADR810
(Some of these also work as dashcams)
Innovv C1
Polaroid Cube

What SD CARD should I buy?

If you want an SD Card for your camera - these are the ones I use and recommend. 

I'd strongly recommend not to buy any SD cards off ebay - I've heard about and experienced too many issues with counterfeit cards - often sold on by unwitting resellers. 

NOTE - Some cameras work more reliably with Class 6 Cards as a Maximum (The Mini 0801 is an example).

VERY IMPORTANT. These links go to the product, but not necessarily to the Amazon Direct supplier. I recommend selecting from Amazon themselves not the reseller storefronts..even if it costs a bit more. 








Important Info For Companies

I never approach companies to ask for review samples, so if you get a request from someone pretending to represent, it's bogus. I've been informed about one fraudster who uses the email techmoanreviews@gmail - so please be careful.


The Smallest Discman ever made - is a modern-day health and safety nightmare

I'm working on a number of camera tests at the moment, but the dark evenings and unrelentingly rainy days have delayed those reviews. Therefore in the meantime, here's a short retro-tech video featuring the smallest Sony Discman ever made.

I loved the tech world of the 1980s where you never knew what the next crazy gadget would be. It seemed like anything and everything was possible. One way to charge a premium for your gadget and make it more desireable was to stake a claim on it being the 'Smallest'.

Sony had the smallest Walkman - the WM10, and with the D-88 Discman they could claim to have the smallest portable CD player too. Once you've added on the bulky battery pack, and taken into account the fact that you easily play a CD album in it whilst on the go, being smallest isn't necessarily the big advantage that it first seems, but this is what makes this machine a highly sought after collectable nowadays. 

When it comes to collectables. no one is interested in collecting the old mid-range, mass-market, reliable and sensible products. The prized electronics are almost always the crazy devices, the failures, the expensive high-end or short lived experiments. The Sony D-88 ticks most if not all of these boxes.

I mentioned that this device would be considered a health and safety nightmare nowadays with the exposed edge of a CD spinning at up to 480rpm. What damage this could really do is negligible, however you can bet that some clown, somewhere in the world would claim that they were irrevocably injured by it - causing a class action suit, a withdrawal of the product from the market and a payout to all affected customers. What a different time the 1980s were. 

There are two links below - one will search ebay for a Sony D-88 Discman and the other is a link to the renovated BP-2EX Walkman batteries retrofitted with lithium ion cells.



The WiFi Coffee Machine

You've probably figured out by now that I love a good gadget, and you may also have spotted that I enjoy a cup of coffee. Therefore you'd think that a WiFi enabled Coffee machine would be right up my street.....well so did I, until I bought one. 

If you like the look of this machine, or want to read other reviews. You can view it on


The Giant ready-made LED Music Visualiser 

I like to bag a bargain as much as the next person....but occasionally I'll discover something I like that is only available from one place and seems likely to be discontinued at any moment. At times like this, there is really only one choice, pay up, or miss out. 

On this occasion after months of deliberating about the considerable cost, I decided I had to pay up...and acquired what I believe to be the largest ready made LED music visualiser currently available. 
Once it arrived, I wasn't sure what to do with it...but after a few weeks I decided it would be employed as an interesting object to have in the background whenever I was doing sections to the camera. 
After it appeared in two videos I received a lot of enthusiastic enquiries about the visualiser, most people asking me to make a video about it and show where it can be purchased. It has certainly caught people's attention, however I suspect that the positive comments are going to stop abruptly once people have seen
the video below. 
Now if you are in the market for a giant ready-made LED visualiser, and are prepared to pay for it....the only place I've seen this for sale is on here for the details. Expect to pay import duties on top of the final price. 
If you want to see the video about the smaller cheaper LED panel that I reviewed a couple of years here. It is important to remember that this smaller display doesn't have a microphone gets the sound via a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack input and also has a 3.5mm output, so it can be inserted between a source and the speaker. The small display can be purchased here.




The New Beginners Guide to Dash Cams

A few months ago a representative of Asus got in touch. They’d seen my 2013 Beginners Guide To Dashcams video and enquired whether I could make a new version of this for them to coincide with the launch of the Asus Reco Classic car camera. 

It seemed like a good opportunity to get a bit of exposure and perhaps gain some new subscribers, so I decided to do it at no charge providing I could use the video as well. 

You can see the video below.


The Asus Reco Classic Car Camera is available from Amazon; (Link goes to Amazon UK)

Sample Clips from the Reco Classic can be downloaded from pcloud:
A list of my recommended dash cams can be found here:



The simplest way to wirelessly play Streamed Apple Music through a HiFi 

Apple Music is the first streaming music service that I've subscribed to. Whilst it's fine listening via headphones when I'm out and about when I'm in the house I want to take advantages of the speakers attached to my hifi. 

With a brief of wireless, cheap and simple I settled on using bluetooth to bridge the gap. If I want quality I can use other audio components in my HiFi to play back Vinyl, CDs SACDs or lossless files, for me streamed music is all about convienience.

So in the quick video below, I show how the Logitech bluetooth receiver quickly and easily enabled this family to get the most from our family subscription and play streamed music back through a proper HiFi.


You can buy the Logitech Bluetooth Adaptor demonstrated in the video though Amazon - Click the following links to see the current price on  AMAZON UK  or AMAZON US 


Git1 A great little budget action camera with mic-in

Luckily this camera doesn't live up to the rather unfortunate name, it's definitely not a git - it's a great little budget action camera.

People who want to try out Moto-Vlogging often ask me to recommend them a budget action camera that can accept an external microphone. The only cheap camera that springs to mind is the SVC200 I reviewed back in 2013 and that had an annoying whistle on the audio. If anyone asks me that question now, I'll definitely be recommending this little Git1. As you'll see in the video below, the external microphone works very well on the Git1, and in the video I also do some side by side video tests with the Git1's closest rival - the Dazzne P2.


You can pick up the Git1 with a microphone and the remote control for approximately £78. To make things simpler this time I'm just including the link where I purchased my camera from.

CLICK HERE TO BUY  I've bought cameras from these chaps in China many times without any problems - I can't recall paying any duty and the products arrive promptly especially if you pay extra for the courier option.

Sample Clips

If you are intersted in downloading sample photos and videos then they are available on the excellent PCloud service.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Update - Colour Mystery Solved & more info

One of the sections of the video that has generated the most questions is something that I only spotted during editing. Coloured Text on a billboard was showing as Yellow on the Dazzne P2 and Green on the which one was right. Well I went for a stroll past the sign today and and took a picture with my iPhone. The true colour of the text is.....Green. So the Git1 won this test. I've put a thumbnail below so you can see for yourself. Bear in mind the iPhone picture was taken on a different day in different light.

Other useful information people have kindly posted in the comments include the fact that an October firmware update now enables the camera to do 720p60 and fixes the problem with the mic - it was an issue with mono mics (hence why just my stereo Sony mic worked). In addition apparently the Git1 size is the same as some Gopro models and therefore 'should' fit in various gopro cases, gymbals etc.


DOD Champion SP1 Motorsport Dashcam Review

The Official UK Distributor of the DOD Camera range (HDigital-EYE) have been kind enough to send me the DOD SP1 Motorsport Dashcam to review. I installed this camera in my car for a few weeks and in the video below I demonstrate everthing I discovered. 



I have provided downloadable sample clips on PCLOUD - you can Download these clips here.

PURCHASING (I only have UK links at the moment)

ebay UK (HDigital-eye ebay UK store) - Also available direct from their website.
Note the UK warranty is actually 2 years - rather than the 1 year mentioned in the video.
Below is a list of the Authorised UK DOD Dashcam Dealers:
If you like the look of the DOD SP1 but don't need the Motorsport features, perhaps you'll find the cheaper DOD LS460W more suitable. It costs approx £100 less -and can be purchased here.

You can download the DOD Champion S1 manual here


4K Video Test - Al Fresco Coffee & Vinyl

I've been shooting with a 4K camera for a couple of months (the Sony RX10ii) - but I've been restricted to shooting in 1080p as iMovie (my editing software) couldn't handle 4K. I contemplated upgrading to the 4K capable Final Cut Pro X - but at £229 that's a lot of money to spend when I'm happy with the iMovie software. I decided to hold out until iMovie supported 4K, and this week it finally happened, so I've made a test movie in 4K (3840x2160). You can see it below. 

4K isn't really practical for my longer videos. The file sizes for my 1080p videos already regularly go beyond 1GB, so a 4K half hour video would be unmanagable. I'll also need to make a new intro and outro in 4k before these videos can become an occasional thing, however it's been interesting finding out what is possible. 

If you are intersted in the objects shown in this video, the details are below.

The Handpresso 12V espresso machine is available on Amazon UK, Amazon US & ebay 

The Sony PS-Q7 turntable is a vintage device and they occasionally come up for sale on eBay (click to search). It's a really nice deck, fully automatic and with good quality sound.

Headphones - Philips Fidelio X2 - available on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Car 12v to 230v Power Inverter (includes battery clamps): Amazon UK

Incidentally the car power inverter introduced a buzz into the audio, so this isn't really a practical solution to powering a mains record player on the go. 

If you are interested in finding more about the handpresso range of portable espresso machines their official Website is here:

The video title is a 'play on words' on a 1992 Willie D gangster rap album (I'm goin' out lika soldier).