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Sony AS100V

Drift Stealth 2

Dazzne P2

Xiaomi Yi



Sony AS15 / AS10

G1W Budget 1080p Cam
Mini 0806

A118 Wedge Cam
Koonlung K1S
Marcus 5 Dual Camera
Transcend Drivepro 200
Vico WF-1
Marcus 4
Philips ADR810
(Some of these also work as dashcams)
Innovv C1
Polaroid Cube

What SD CARD should I buy?

If you want an SD Card for your camera - these are the ones I use and recommend. 

I'd strongly recommend not to buy any SD cards off ebay - I've heard about and experienced too many issues with counterfeit cards - often sold on by unwitting resellers. 

NOTE - Some cameras work more reliably with Class 6 Cards as a Maximum (The Mini 0801 is an example).

VERY IMPORTANT. These links go to the product, but not necessarily to the Amazon Direct supplier. I recommend selecting from Amazon themselves not the reseller storefronts..even if it costs a bit more. 








Important Info For Companies

I never approach companies to ask for review samples, so if you get a request from someone pretending to represent, it's bogus. I've been informed about one fraudster who uses the email techmoanreviews@gmail - so please be careful.


LG PF1000U Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector - Home Demonstration

Once you've watched a movie in the comfort of your own home on a 95" projection screen it's hard to go back to viewing films on a normal sized TV screen again. However that's exactly what I've done for the last couple of years following a redecoration and introduction of new furniture which left nowhere for my projector or screen to go. I looked at every possible way to fit them back into the living space, but just couldn't find anything that would work.

When my 60" TV recently went on the blink, I started looking at new models, and considered getting a 79" 4K screen, The sharp increase in the cost of any screen larger than 65" resulted in that idea quickly being abandoned, however I was never too happy with the idea of watching every TV show on a giant screen. I don't want newsreaders to look like big brother looming over the room, it's only when watching films where I miss the projection screen real estate.

Over the last couple of years I've been keeping my eye on developments in UST (ultra-short-throw) projectors as I hoped that this technology might one day provide the solution to my problem. There haven't been too many HD UST projectors released. One interesting model was the LG Hecto Laser Projector but it required a highly-reflective fixed screen and cost £8000. Then there is the 4K Sony model that costs $50,000. More realistic were the Philips Screeneo models, but these only go to 720p and reportedly have very low light output.

However at the 2015 IFA show LG were showing off their new Minibeam 1080p projector. It didn't get too much press coverage at the time, but in the few demos I could find, it looked like science fiction. A 1080p 100" screen could be projected from just 15" away. Amazingly just a few weeks later it became available to buy and I immediately snapped one up. 

Watch the video below to see if I've finally found the projector that enables me to get my home cinema back.

I bought my LG PF1000U Minibeam projector from Amazon US - here's a link to the product.

The Korean export version costs more - but ships worldwide here it is on Amazon

There are also a number of suppliers of this projector on ebay here.

The Optoma 95" 16:10 pull-up projection screen can be obtained in the UK from Amazon.

There is more about the PF1000U on the LG Website here.



Three Budget Headphone Tube Amplifiers reviewed.

Until I bought three headphone amplifiers to test I'd never contemplated using one myself. The headphone-out socket on my music playing devices always seemed perfectly good enough. Even now, I believe the benefits of a headphone amp will only be fully realised by someone who has excellent hearing and is using a high-end pair of headphones that need more power to drive properly. However I'd imagine that a person like this would buy a high-end amp like the Oppo HA-1 rather than a budget model.
So where does that leave a £30 headphone tube amplifier? Well as far as any sound improvement goes, that's probably more snake oil than anything else, however if you were to discount the idea of the amp somehow magically improving the sound quality, then they do make a lot more sense.
A headphone amp can provide increased volume output without distortion and also add a headphone output to devices that don't have one.
So now that I understand where a budget headphone amp can come in handy...let's find out if any of the three I bought are up to the task. Watch the video below to find out.
Here's a link to the gold amp on eBay
Below you'll find links to the eBay store that supplied my amps, they sell a lot of different models and I found them quick and easy to deal with. 
US  UK  AU  DE  ES  NL  IE  BE  CA  CH  FR  IT  (Click your country.)



The Vinyl Turntable Birthday Card

A birthday card that can play a record....that's something I couldn't resist trying out....and it's not even my birthday.

If you want to hear what the 'recard' should sound like you can hear it here.

If you want to buy one the website is here:


Pro-ject Tube Box S - bringing the vinyl sound back to my vinyl

A couple of quick HiFi videos today. 

First of all it's a bit of a hybrid video. A project to find out why my vinyl records don't sound as good as I remembered them sounding and then demonstrating the (hideously expensive) solution that I settled on, a Tube Box S Phono Pre-amp. 

PURCHASING LINKS (I can see I'll sell a load of these at £299 a pop)

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

Second - a companion piece to all my other HiFi video demonstrations. One thing that really winds me up and gets me down is a lack of logic. I sensed that the video above would bring on an onslaught of stupid so to avoid having to type a lot of similar responses to silly comments I decided to head the problem off at the pass with a video containing pure logic and science and a soupçon of sarcasm. 


Philips Dash-cams: ADR610 & ADR810

I've been reviewing dash-cams for years, but it's only in recent months that a number of the more recognisable electronic brand names have introduced cameras onto the market. I've been reliably informed that Philips are one of the market leaders in car cameras in China, but this is the first time their cameras have been available in the UK.

I was interested in finding out how these Philips cameras performed, so I've managed to get hold of both of the UK models, the ADR610 and ADR810 and you can see how they fared in the video below. 

Sample Clips

The samples are hosted on pcloud - and are available here:

Downloadable sample clips are provided for.......downloading. By that I mean if you were silly enough to try and stream them from pcloud, they wouldn't look any different to the streamed youtube video. The only way to see the original quality of the video files is to DOWNLOAD the clips to your computer and play them locally.  

Purchasing Links

ADR610 Amazon:

ADR610 Ebay:

ADR810 Amazon:

ADR810 Ebay:


Dazzne P3 1080p60 WiFi Budget Action Cam Review

The Dazzne P2 is my boxy-style action camera recommendation for people on a budget. It produces good results, has a solid construction and comes with plenty of accessories in the box. Overall, it's excellent value for money.

I often receive emails from people who are considering buying the SJCAM SJ4000 but want me to guarantee that a seller on ebay isn't going to send them a counterfeit camera. Without travelling to China and inspecting their stock, my guess is as good as anyone else, as all the sellers use the same stock photos and descriptions.

The Dazzne P2 doesn't yet suffer from these counterfeit problems, it feels better constructed than the SJ4000, is more adept at handling difficult lighting situations (like driving towards the sun) and in my opinion produces better quality video overall. 

The new Dazzne P3 adds WiFi and 1080p60 to the mix and naturally also costs more than the P2. It's not a replacement for the P2, it's just the next model up in the Dazzne range. Watch the video below to see if these features are worth the price premium over the budget P2. 

Purchasing Links 
Dazzne P3
Cheapest Dazzne P2 Package (just the basic set for a very cheap price)
I have no experience with any of the sellers listed above - so I can't vouch for their reliability. 
Downloadable Sample Clips:

Sample files are now hosted on - These chaps kindly offered to help after seeing the issues I was having hosting these samples elsewhere - their solution seems to be working really well.

Other videos mentioned in the review...
Why it's not worth uploading to youtube in 1080p60:
How I made my motorcycle pocket mount:
Full Review of the P2:

Motorola Focus85 WiFi app-controlled security camera

I decided it was time to take another look at a WiFi camera that I can move and control remotely though an app on my phone. A couple of years ago I had a lot of fun with another WiFi camera watching cars attempting to get along my snowy street while I was safe and sound hundreds of miles away. That camera though was SD and prone to locking up. It was also quite complicated to set up and I could never get the motion activated alerts to work.

What a difference a couple of years makes, the Focus85 is a simple to set up 720p camera, with notifications and two way communication.  When I checked the app from my office to see what was going on outside the house the other day, I could also hear what record was being played on the HiFi. Having an intercom back to the house could have its uses, but I also think if someone heard a voice coming from behind the curtains they might jump a mile. 

The full video review is below - and yes I was suffering from a sore throat during this voice over.

I got mine in-store at Costco (in August 2015) - other purchasing links are below.  

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:


The Bublcam Review - Take a good look around this 360º camera.

The Bublcam isn't the first 360º camera I've used, but it's definitely the best. The interactive 360º stills can produce impressive results, however I feel that the video quality is still too soft for it to be considered anything other than an interesting novelty.

The full video review is below. Underneath it you'll find links to sample clips that you can view in your browser (the video clips require Chrome). I find the touch controls on a phone or tablet are the most intuitive way to manipulate the images and a portrait orientation seems to produce the best results. If you download the Bubl Xplor App on your Android or IOS device you can also access additional VR functionality and view Bubl uploads from other Bubl users.

360º Stills


Lloyd Street (embedded above)

Central Library

Manchester Central

Manchester Cenotaph 

Albert Square

360º Video Clips (these only play in Chrome, the latest version of Firefox or the Bubl Xplor App)


Lloyd Street


If you want to inspect some files straight off the memory card  - there's an .mp4 and a .jpg here

The official bublcam website is here - 

Clips from other Bubl users can be found on