Hi there I'm Mat from Techmoan. This is a one-man, half-baked tech blog. I try to upload a new video once a week.


In 2007 I uploaded a 41 second clip of my toaster to youtube - just to prove that people will watch anything on youtube...it quickly passed 100,000 views and I've been uploading videos ever since.

Why do I do it?

I enjoy looking at tech and this site gives me a reason to buy plenty of new (and old) gadgets. The adverts overlaid on the videos and dotted about this site might be an annoyance to some, but they help me to afford to buy the things I review. Links are also affiliated where possible, which means I receive a small percentage from each sale.

Why Techmoan - that's a weird name

I'm not 100% sure on how this happened. I was looking for a suitable tech type name for my website. There used to be a camera shop called Techno in the UK and of course there was the Japanese games company Techmo ..and originally I was intending to split the site between tech talk and talking about things I found annoying (like people who stop and chat at the bottom of escalators). So I was looking for a short and available name and for some reason typed in Techmoan and saw it was available, so picked it up. It seemed catchy. However I quickly decided that no-one would want to listen to someone complaining so just stuck to featuring tech. So now the Techmoan name means nothing really, however it is memorable and Google, eBay and Amazon don't mean a heck of a lot either and they seem to get along just fine.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon,




Important Info For Companies

 I never approach companies to ask for review samples, so if you get a request from someone pretending to represent Techmoan.com, it's bogus.


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