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I'd strongly recommend not to buy any SD cards off ebay - I've heard about too many issues with counterfeit cards - often sold on by unwitting resellers. My inbox regularly gets messages from people who bought a £150 camera then cheaped out and bought a £3 memory card on ebay - Then when it doesn't worth they blame the camera! It doesn't make any sense. Good memory is cheaper than it's ever been - see the links above.

A lot of HD cameras will not work properly with cards larger than 32GB (cards over 32GB are usually SDXC rather than the SDHC standard used by 32GB cards. SDXC cards use the ex-FAT system rather than FAT32 - in short they are a different standard). - so don't just buy the biggest card you can afford - read the specs in the manual to see what it accepts.


RECOMMENDED CARDS (for action cams - see dashcams below)

CLASS 10 UHS-1 CARDS (For HD Cameras)


U3 CARD (For 4K cameras)




The SD card in a dashcam is re-written over, more frequently than in other types of cameras. Some manufacturers void their guarantee if an SD card was used in a dashcam. So, no surprise, there are special High Endurance SD cards made just for's some.


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To give you an idea of the extent of the fake goods problem. In a 2016 survey by Apple - 90% of the 'Apple' chargers sold through Amazon - using the other the two methods..which includes the "Fulfilled by Amazon" option -  were found to be counterfeit....90%! 


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Car DVR Review part 2

In a bit of a departure I've made a 'part 2' to a video review. I've included a demonstration of a few features that I missed out in part one,  a comparison with the DVR D011 and shot some night footage. I think I've exhausted this camera now - and there might be a bit of a break before I post up my next video. I hope everyone has a happy new year.


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Reader Comments (22)

Excellent reviews thanks, the comprison in Part 2 really helped.

I wondered if the HDMI slot non-recognition was due to the camer already being on when the cable was inserted, and if connecting the cable in power off mode and then poweing on will achieve recognition??

I have a motorhome, quite expensive, long and wide vehicle. Most of my driving of this will be daytime on motorways, so the closer range ID functions on number plates/faces are not so important to me, but the slightly wider angle is, so I have gone for 2 x car dvr (one front/one rear - I luckily have a 12 v connection in the rear. The vga recording option looks best for slightly higher vehicle than the cropped HDMI option.

On a site I was reading the 50/60hz options are in part due to light flickering, but one person mentioned that the 60hz was compatible with more HDMI tv displays then the 50hz - i think they said the 50hz only displayed on 1080i (though not being a techy I cannot confirm this).

Nice to see ur part of the NW of England in the video clips (St.Helens myself).

January 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commentereddie

nice videos and reviews! very helpful!
however, i still cant make up my mind which minicam to purchase.
im a amatuer goalkeeper and id love to take a minicam and film 1st person movies for myself and my teamates. ive came up with the idea of straping a minicam to a cap or so and film the action on the field. thus jerky and laggy ones are definately off my list. moreover, i hope it it has a higher resolution so they would be better material for making documentary films. which would you reconnmend?
BTW heres an idea of what id like to do. not as great of course
im sure minicams werent how they did it, but its probably the best id be able to afford

January 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterdoctordrum

my comment has nothing to do with this particular camera (I am really sorry about that), but you seem to know most of cameras, so I hope that you could help me. A few weeks ago our company bought this camera The problem is that it was delivered without the software and because of that we cannot set the date and time. Could you recommend us some webpage where could we download the software for this camera?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards Lucy

January 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLucy

@ Lucy - Try the drivers to the MINI DV D005 on this site - the files are the in the Files & Drivers link - look for the file named MINI DV (2.8M)

January 11, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

@ doctordrum If you don't mind looking silly - you can get spy cameras already built into glasses or caps- just have a search on ebay - I haven't tried these, but most will give very similar results to the DVK808 keyring camera. For proper results you will need to use the gopro HD or the Contour HD - but you will need deep pockets for both.

January 11, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

Another excellent review, many thanks. Can you remember if you had the Car DVR in 50hz or 60hz mode when doing the side-by-side comparison, as I notice quite a significant flicker on the bus's electronic sign as it goes by at 03:15?

January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAdamK

The two i ordered vi ebay from Hong Kong arrived today.
They differ slightly from yours and had a bit of a panic for a while as:
1. The now do not have a HDMI socket
2. When USB is connected you cannot access settings menu's, but you can access the SD card from the computer.
3. The settings on arrival were in Chinese, it took a bit of fiddling to find out by trial and error how to get english.
4 I am still working out which settings will be best for me.
The connection to 12v in the car that auto starts the recording, and auto ends when 12v disconnected, makes operation simple.
I have yet to get out on the road, will do at some time this weeked.

January 14, 2011 | Unregistered Commentereddie

One other question with these, do you know the maximum supported memory card size? I'm planning an American roadtrip this year and am hoping to be able to capture each 3-4 hour step of the journey without having to monitor memory card usage along the way for fear of the first parts being recorded over by the last.

January 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAdamK

first of all thank you for the useful information. As I wrote in my previous comment, I am loooking for the driver for camera (// The driver that you recommended does not work completely with this camera. We still cannot set the date and time. Do you know some website where could I download the driver? Or what would you advice me? Thank you very much.
Best regards


January 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLucy

I want to know details about time of recording for HD 720 car camera. I travel 2000 Kms in a car and I wan to recorder all trips.
I want use this camera for recorders

January 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commenternecrima

@AdamK Max size is 32GB (as per the box).

January 25, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

@Lucy. Sorry I don't know of any other drivers. You don't usually need drivers to set the time & date though. The drivers are just to use it as a webcam. The manual should explain how to set the time and date which is usually accomplished by editing the info in a text file and copying it to the root of the memory card.

January 25, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

@necrima 16GB=6hrs 'HD' or 7hrs VGA - info is in the first video.

January 25, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

I am really sorry to disturb you again (I hope this is the last time :-)), but our technician tried what you recommended (editing the info in a text file and copying it to the root of the memory card), but it did not work.
In the manual " CD with time synchronization file" is mentioned, but we did not receive such CD with our cameras. Is it actually possible to set the date and time without it?
Thank you very much for any info.
Best wishes

January 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLucy

@Lucy - the camera you have is a version of the D005. You either need to have a file named TAG.TXT or TIME.TXT and drop it into the root directory of the memory card.

TAG.TXT files are in the format shown in the DV D005 video - and are as follows


In the TIME.TXT file the same time and date would format the information all on one line as follows

2011.01.31 22:20:59

If neither of these work - then I really have no idea what you need.

January 31, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

do you know the angle view of D011 camera?
Thank you very much

March 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlex

Sorry I have no idea and I don't know how to measure this. It is very narrow though, not good at all. It is exactly the same as the DVK808 #3 if that is any help.

March 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

I need the manual in ENGLISH for the 2.5" Car 720p HD DVR Camera.

Thank you

July 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTom

Currentlly,cameras are multifunctional.At the same time,they have contact with other electronics.For example, car video recorder is a product with a webcam and removable hard drives which can record automatically and playback real-time for a is a place that provides the products aboved.Thanks guys

July 19, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercar dvr

I have recently purchased a Zennox Car DVR but am unable to set the time/date and the menu is now in Cyrilic characters (Russian) and I cannot get back to English - HELP!

June 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Beilby

Press Menu
You should see 2 options – ‘Video output/Setup’
Press Mode to chose ‘Setup’ (when highlighted in blue it indicates it has been selected)
Press Down to get to ‘Date Input’
Press Menu
Press Down to ‘Set’
Press Menu
Press REC/OK to move to date
Press Up or Down to select the numbers (for day, month, year, time etc.)
Press REC/OK to move to next selection once you have completed the last
Continue the process until date and time is completed
Press Menu to save and exit
How to set the date and time on the Car DVR Recorder
To View images or video:
Press MODE until a play symbol is shown in the top right corner
Press UP or DOWN to cycle through your images or recordings
Press REC/OK to play any videos
Press REC/OK again to stop any videos
To Delete:
Follow instructions above for viewing images or video then when on desired image or video…
Highlight Delete in green
Press UP or DOWN to select Single or All (single will delete the image you are currently on,
All will delete all saved images)
Press MENUE/EXIT to delete
Basic Operation
Set Record Time:
DOWN to Video Time
DOWN or UP to select time option
Set Motion Detection:
DOWN to Motion Detect
DOWN or UP to select ON/OFF
REC/OK to save and exit
Setting Record Time & Motion Detection options
The camera can be set to record for 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes, but how long the camera actually

records for depends on the mode selected.
The camera can be set to either manual record or motion detection record mode.
In manual mode the camera will start when you press REC/OK and finish when either the set time

runs out or you press REC/OK again (whichever is first).
In motion detection mode the camera will start when movement is detected and stop when there is

no more movement, the camera will restart whenever movement is detected, i.e. even if you set

record time to 15 minutes, if movement stops after 10 seconds the camera will turn off after 10

To view recordings on PC
Ensure an SD card is inserted in the device
Ensure the ‘USB’ is set to ‘Disk Drive’ by pressing:
Menu – Mode – Down (until you reach USB) – Menu –Down (to select Disk Drive) – Menu - OK
Plug the USB lead into your computer and the DVR Recorder should appear as a ‘Device with

removable storage’

August 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterA Hunter

i am following your instructions to set the time and date on my Zennon D5695. I cannot get further than the first two instruction as when I press the mode button for set up the time and date disappear. Am I doing something wrong ?

July 13, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterP. Brand

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