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This is the excellent USB power pack I use when I travel.

2 x 2.1amp outputs. 8400mAh capacity.

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If you want an SD Card for your camera - these are the ones I use and recommend. 

I'd strongly recommend not to buy any SD cards off ebay - I've heard about too many issues with counterfeit cards - often sold on by unwitting resellers. My inbox regularly gets messages from people who bought a £150 camera then cheaped out and bought a £3 memory card on ebay - Then when it doesn't worth they blame the camera! It doesn't make any sense. Good memory is cheaper than it's ever been - see the links above.

A lot of HD cameras will not work properly with cards larger than 32GB (cards over 32GB are usually SDXC rather than the SDHC standard used by 32GB cards. SDXC cards use the ex-FAT system rather than FAT32 - in short they are a different standard). - so don't just buy the biggest card you can afford - read the specs in the manual to see what it accepts.


RECOMMENDED CARDS (for action cams - see dashcams below)

CLASS 10 UHS-1 CARDS (For HD Cameras)


U3 CARD (For 4K cameras)




The SD card in a dashcam is re-written over, more frequently than in other types of cameras. Some manufacturers void their guarantee if an SD card was used in a dashcam. So, no surprise, there are special High Endurance SD cards made just for's some.


VERY IMPORTANT. These links take you to the product, however Amazon have three different ways of selling. There's Amazon Direct - This means that you are only dealing with Amazon themselves, then there's other sellers that use Amazon's facilities - these show as Fulfilled By Amazon and finally there's Market Place sellers that advertise on Amazon, but operate independently.  I strongly recommend that you only use the first...the Amazon Direct - Sold By Amazon option. Even if it appears that you are paying a couple of £/$ more it is more than likely you are comparing the price of a real item against the price of a fake.

To give you an idea of the extent of the fake goods problem. In a 2016 survey by Apple - 90% of the 'Apple' chargers sold through Amazon - using the other the two methods..which includes the "Fulfilled by Amazon" option -  were found to be counterfeit....90%! 


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The Mobius Camera - The do-it-all mount-anywhere 1080p Micro Cam

Here's my review of the Mobius Camera. This camera has been in development for some time and clearly the manufacturer has listened to user feedback from the buyers of the #16 808 cameras and incorporated many of their requested features into this model.

There isn't too much to add here - this is a pretty comprehensive video that covers most features of the camera. I suppose the only thing I didn't go into was the webcam function. I'm not interested in this myself since all my laptops have had a built in webcam since 2009, but a webcam function can come in useful if you need to refocus the lens and view live video on your PC screen at the same time. As I mentioned at the beginning of the video the manufacturer included a tool to enable you to refocus the (unglued) lens. I know of people who use the keyring cameras mounted on their model trains who will find this very useful.

I also never tried the time-lapse function, which automatically takes photos at your specified interval. You can see these options on screen during the configuration section of the review.

The only negatives I can think of are the narrow FOV in the 720p60 mode (720p30 has the same FOV as 1080p30) and a lack of water resistance, although there may well be accessories released in the future that address the latter issue.

Due to the constant revisions the manufacturer makes to the camera, the features I have shown here could be updated in the future, but even if there are no more changes, I'm very happy wth the camera as it stands today. It never gave me a moment of trouble during the weeks I was testing it. Never once locking up or shutting down on it's own, so for me this has been a totally reliable little camera.

I'm trying to guess what crazy questions I'll get asked, so I can answer them first.


Motion detection? - Latest Firmware has this option (Info added Jan 2014)

Looped/Recycled Video? YES

Can this be switched off? YES

What is looped/recycled video? - See My Beginners Guide To Car Cams Video HERE

Can the Timestamp be turned off? YES

Finally to answer a common question from people who didn't watch the video. - No the silver arrows on the camera are not buttons, they are a heat sink and being aluminium are also not magnetic. Press Play on the video to learn more.

If you have any more questions, you should get all the answers you need from the links below.

To BUY ONE (on ebay) Click your country below

US   UK   NL   DE   AU   AT   CH   IE   ES   FR   NL   BE 

I've also put some Amazon links below.



The Windows Configuration Software and Manual can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE


(Wait a few seconds for the samples link to load)

Chuck Lohr's detailed Mobius Page is here

RC Forum pages about the Mobius are here

The Downloadable Instructions and configuration software are available from here

I know people are going to ask me whether they should get this or an SJ1000, but they are very different cameras. You'll need to decide yourself what features are important to you. The LCD Screen, Waterproof Case, Ultra Wide angle lens of the SJ1000 or the true 720p60, reduced-fisheye lens and easy mounting options of the Mobius.

DIMENSIONS - Just thought I should add this info.

The Mobius is 6cm front to back, 3.5cm wide and 1.7cm thick.



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Reader Comments (918)

I'm surprised this little Mobius can be used as a car DVR that things heat sinks get quite hot I dont care if ur protecting the non-lithium setup w/ capacitors, I would think a fan would be needed to keep it cool.

July 11, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterkurt john

My Moius has endured 1 full year on the windshield of my car in North Carolina climate. Inside temp of the car routinely reached 130 degrees F with winter lows in the teens.

Malfunctions have been minimal:

1) power cord snagging or loosening from the cigarette lighter socket causing failure to record a road-rage incident (the cam really must be hardwired to the car power).

2) much shortened battery life due to environmental stress ( temperature cycling due to climate.) The initial 80 minutes of battery life has been shortened substantially. As long as the bat can un-initialize the cam at car shut-down (less than 30 seconds) it will suffice to avoid losing the critical last minutes of recording footage.

July 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Improved home-made mounting bracket for the Mobius.

Since the mounting brackets commonly available are far larger than the Mobius and infringe on precious windshield viability, an improved mounting system was required. The design I fashioned has this small footprint and tiny profile and hides the entire camera/bracket neatly behind the windshield mirror. My bracket has been in operation for a full year withstanding about 15,000 miles and North Carolina climate.

The design is as follows: Essentially this is an "L" shaped bracket that fastens to the windshield by 3M heavy duty double-stick foam tape. A 1/4" hole allows fastening the mobius to the underside of the bracket to the underside of the bracket.

The bracket is aluminum from the hardware store about 1/16" to 3?32" thick and 1" to 1-1/2" wide. I cut a length of about 3" to 4" off and round the corners and de-burr the edges. drill the 1/4" hole to allow a 1/4-20 and 1" long cap screw to fasten the mobius to the bracket. Take the partly made bracket with Mobius to your car and decide where you'll mount it and at what angle you must bend the bracket to match the angle of the windshield. You will make a bend so that about 1 to 2 square inches of bracket engage the windshield above the front of the Mobius. AND the plane that the Mobius mounts to is horizontal so that the cam points exactly overawed, not tilted up or down. The flat that engages the wind-shield is for the sticky-foam when your finished and ready to mount.

Since the stick-foam that adheres the bracket to the windshield is semi-permanent, you'll need one more piece to make the mobius easily removable. By now you have a bracket slightly larger than av zippo lighter with a smaller than 90 degree angle bend an d a 1/4" hole.

Thread a wing-nut onto the screw, facing down, put a star lock-washer up against the wing-nut face and before inserting this screw assembly down through the hole and into the 1/4" brass hole atop the Mobius. Twist the cap-screw till it is almost tight then tighten the wing-nut down to tighten the bracket and Mobius assembly firm.

Take this assembly back to the car and put in place without the sticky foam tape - check the exact position, fit, mirror function etc. Choose a position so that you can see the red LED blink as well as reach the buttons as well as turn the wing-nut to remove the Mobius once the mounting is complete.

Now cut and apply the double-stick foam to adhere to the windshield and connect to power,

July 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Russ 331 : A quick update. I've got the K-Lite codecs installed and I must say I prefer some of its features to the VLC so I think I'll be staying with that. Video on 1080p (low setting) has pauses and jerks on initial playback but is fine when viewed second time around. I'll have to see what I can live with in the long term but thanks for your help and suggestion.

July 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAlan S

Alan S. I don't know if you are already, but if you aren't, play the video files after copying them to your PC hard drive rather than directly off the SD card.

July 11, 2014 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

That works fine. A 3 minute clip took a couple of minutes to copy across. Does a change to standard or high quality setting lengthen this time appreciably? Guess I'll have to experiment to get the right balance. Thanks for your help.

July 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAlan S

Back @ ya John-- Basic numbers: Lithium's cant handle above 120 degrees work best between 77 and 102; Electronics dont like above 170 degrees. Dont know about extremes for the capacitors, great you have done well w/ it. You have to have a DVR for crazy predicaments in NC as Liz Lick Towing. Lol

July 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterkurt john

@kurt john

I know of people in Australia, Texas, Southern California, etc who use Mobius (with the standard battery) as a dashcam in scorching temperatures, with no problems. I wouldn't risk having a LiPo in my Mobius in a hot climate, especially when the capacitor kit can be bought for only $5.99. My Mobius has been in daily use for 8 1/2 months with no problems. There are no purpose-made dashcams available today that I would rather own than Mobius. it's a great ActionCam that is also a great DashCam.

July 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

just got a mobius camera just like to ask a question i got to to set-up page that is i plugged the camera in with the usb lead and turned it on got to the settings page but its in Gray scale how do i get it to open up so i can change things
ps. your doing a great job with your reviews


July 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commentervictor coules

@victor coules.

Ensure that Mobius contains a Micro-SD Card, & that you do NOT turn Mobius on. You should now be ok.

July 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

Just a wish list for some to pass onto Mobius - a waterproof surfboard housing.

I know Joo Vuu make their own waterproof housing. However, there's no way of attaching it to a surf board and both housing and mount need to be able to withstand extreme pressure from the water to prevent the camera being lost. A safety tether to a 2nd mount is essential.

GoPro's use fin box mounts and special adhesive pads.

Would be great it Mobius could get a robust water housing with a surfboard mounting system up and running to enable it to be used as a water sports cam.

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl


The original Mobius Manufacturer is already busy developing a more robust and higher quality waterproof case. Unfortunately they are busy with the designing for over 6 months now and it just seems to process really slowly. They want to develop a high quality but very affordable case and they seem to struggle with this combination. It is not yet clear what the release date will be, but it's almost sure they will develop a nice waterproof case in the future. You could also check out the SJ4000 in the meanwhile to be used on a surfboard, it's also a really nice camera and comes with a great waterproof case and lots of accessory.

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered


I'm having similar issues to Victor.

So far I've charged the camera - was nearly charged anyway as green light went out after a couple of minutes.

Formatted the SD card in camera (kingston class 4 32GB Genuine).

When I connected the camera to the pc initially, it same unknown device and windows didn't recognise it and there was a problem with the device.

After several tries, it installed the drivers and now shows as unknown device in the USB list but fully working.

When I run the .exe for the software though, all the controls are greyed out.

I've tried running the software then connecting the camera and vice versa, and switching it off after its plugged into the USB (it switches on automatically), and leaving it on.

The options are always greyed out.

I'm using Windows 64 Bit Pro.

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl


"So far I've charged the camera - was nearly charged anyway as green light went out after a couple of minutes."

Don't assume it's fully charged, irrespective of the green LED going out. Charge it for at least 2 hours, preferably with a USB wall plug charger or smartphone or tablet charger.

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

Thanks Russ.

It detects it on my laptop but not my PC.

I wonder if USB 3.0 is the problem?

It's supposed to be backwards compatible with USB 2.0 but...

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl

Just wondering if I should get the wide angle version or if the standard version is good for a dash camera.

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKerry


The wide angle lens outperforms the standard lens at night...

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331


I suggest you post your problem at the following site, where you may get help from Mobius experts like Tom Frank, Isoprop, Therau2000, etc...

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the help, I have it sorted.

Just to add to the knowledge base about this camera, it's USB 3.0 that's the problem.

I've connected the camera via a USB 2.0 hub (a proper USB card reader / combined hub, rather than just a connector) and it was recognised straight away.

The hub is only a cheap one but it's done the trick.

Unfortunately, the place I bought it from no longer sells this model.

July 15, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl

Mat great reviews.
Inspired me to look into getting a Möbius for my car as a dash cam. After reading and watching your reviews and doing my own research I have settled with the Möbius. Only one thing bugging/stopping me buying it now is the heat issues. I have read it overheats and was just wondering have you experienced any issues like this with yours? Also how long have you been using yours now and has it been reliable as a dash can?

Keep up the good work.

July 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTechAnt


"Only one thing bugging/stopping me buying it now is the heat issues. I have read it overheats ..."

Rubbish. This is an old, old story with no basis in fact. Mobius uses a visible heat-sink to dissipate heat from the DSP. The heat-sink gets hot, which indicates that it's doing it's job.

I've been using Mobius as a DashCam on a daily basis for over 8 months with no problems. I know of people in Australia, Texas, Southern California, etc using Mobius as a DashCam on a daily basis with no problems. If you live in a hot climate, it's a good idea to replace the battery with the $6 capacitor kit.

July 16, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

Yes, because it gets hot a few vocal but inexperienced individuals thought it was overheating. These people have clearly never built a PC and seen how hot a heat sink gets on a CPU. Just because something gets hot doesn't mean that it's failing, sometimes heat is good.

July 16, 2014 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

Matt & russ331

Thank you for clearing and explaining the heat issue for me. I will be ordering in the next few weeks. is there anything else you can think i need to do or use to make this work as a dash cam.
I will be sing the mobius video lead as the video output will be connected to my in car DVD player so it can act as a built in car monitor. Originally i was going for the min0803 as i thought i needed a screen on the dash cam but seeing Matt's reviews I think the mobius is great for discretion without a screen, so when I saw that this can ne connected to a video output I immediately though of the in car DVD monitors, so I can have a small compact cam and can view (if required) the live feed on the monitor. This will help also when positioning the cam view ect.

also is the mobius decent at night time?, what i mean is can you make out a reg plate at night if required?.
just thinking of the oncoming winter when days are shorter lol!

Once again Thanks for the information regarding the heat issues ( or non heat issues lol! it generally was the only thing holding me back from making a purchase.

Keep up the work and great website Matt.

July 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTechAnt


I've no experience of using Mobius with a permanent in-car monitor, as I don't see the point of a live feed. I pop the micro sd card into my Kingston MobileLite once a week, so that I can use it's Wi-Fi connectivity to check the video files on my iPad. Alternatively, you can use an OTG cable to connect Mobius to an Android device.

For night time use the wide angle Mobius B outperforms the standard lens...

Reading plates at night is a very difficult task for any dashcam, no matter how much you spend on it...

July 16, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

@ Russ, in your video @ 5 mins 45 secs (the BMW car at the junction), what settings were you using as I've yet to see video this clear on my Mobius?

Also, I have a suggestion to feedback to the developers:

Why not allow the camera to stream video to a large window (make the software go full screen) whilst you're adjusting the settings?

This would then allow you to set the camera up where you're going to be using it, and try different adjustments on the fly and actually see the results before deciding on what to set into the camera.

At the moment, you have to work blind which means choosing likely settings, saving them into the camera, going out, filming, downloading the footage, watching it, then re-adjusting and starting again.

It would be much easier if you could set the camera up, eg in your car, have the picture streaming inside the software on your laptop and then simply adjust and save, and if you don't think the settings are great, adjust and save again. That way you could test lots of different settings in seconds / minutes and save days / weeks / months of testing.

July 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl

..simply by viewing the live stream in the software window as you make the adjustments.

Note the window needs to be as large as possible so you can easily see the changes.

July 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl


"@ Russ, in your video @ 5 mins 45 secs (the BMW car at the junction), what settings were you using as I've yet to see video this clear on my Mobius?"

The video I think you're referring to was shot by niko last November using old firmware v0.57 which has been superceded several times since then by newer firmware.

July 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

Ok Thanks.

I'm experimenting with mine atm, but I do wish Mobius would give us a large live view to make adjustments easier.

So far, I'm getting great results on the road, but having trouble preventing the sky from being blown out. As a road cam, that doesn't really matter but as an action cam, it's more critical.

July 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl

Ok going by the reviews and good points I have read on here I have took the plunge and ordered my mobius today and cant wait to get it up and running. Hopefully it wont disappoint.

want to thank Techmoan and russ31 for helping me out n the heat issue that has now put my mind to rest and pushed me to just do it. Unfortunately my car insurance doesn't give discount for having dash cams but it will still prove valuable if there ever is an accident ect.

thanks again.

July 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTechAnt


"So far, I'm getting great results on the road, but having trouble preventing the sky from being blown out. "

For dashcam purposes, Mobius should be angled downwards, so that roughly 2/3 of what's recorded is below the horizon, otherwise the sky will dominate the exposure & video will be underexposed. Example (Skip to 13mins 50secs)...

July 18, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterruss331

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