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The Mini 0806 Dashcam Review - Better late than never.

Two false starts and over half a year later I've finally completed my review of the Mini 0806 Dashcam. It turns out that this one was worth the wait and if I didn't already have a K1S dual camera installed in both of my cars I'd definitely be using a Mini 0806 instead. 

For downloadable sample clips Click Here 

Purchasing the Mini 0806 - a few tips

I found the best deals for this camera are on eBay - Look for sellers offering the “3rd Gen” model to get the latest version. Check what's bundled - remember the CPL filter is usually an optional extra. The mounts come with or without GPS capability, so read the description carefully. Finally buy your own Class 10 MicroSD card from a reliable source, e.g. Amazon direct (not a marketplace seller) - I always have links to SD memory on the right hand side of this page and I've yet to buy a fake by following my own advice.

Click on your country below to see what offers are available where you live.

UK   US   AT   AU   BE   CA   CH   DE   ES   FR   IE   IT   NL

The 0806 is also available on Amazon - but I'd stick to ebay (above) for the best prices and bundles.

Amazon UK     Amazon US

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Reader Comments (134)

Thanks for the review. I was about to purchase this product, but realized that there are 4 different companies making dash cams of similar naming. And I don't recall your review including the brand name of the product.

Using your provided Amazon US link, for the Mini 0806, the product is currently sold under these brand names:
- Black Box
- SplashETech
- Spy Tec
- ChiTronic

Are any of these the manufacturer of the product you are reviewing?


January 31, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDC

Only trouble with the 806. Updates do not help.

February 6, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPelle

After nearly a year of sterling service my 0806 is now very flaky. Essentially it powers on just fine but then doesn't record and turns off. As it happens though, the internal battery is dead as it simply shuts off with the ignition rather than closing down. I am wondering if this might be the cause of the problem as it could be putting corrupt files on the card when I turn it off. Then when the camera powers back on it doesnt like it and powers back down again. I know there appears to be a fairly horrific failure rate with these but I am going to look at changing the battery before buying a new one. Incidentally a new firmware update for Jan 2016 is available but there doesn't appear to be any game changing features with it. Still a fantastic camera when it works. I am going to try manually powering it down before turning the ignition off in the meantime and see if that stops corrupted files going onto the card. Hard to find any 100% reliable alternative cams out there - Lukas look nice but at a big cost.

February 15, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterIanL

IanL, agreed - it's either a bad microSD, or battery. How long does the camera stay on if you turn it on manually with no power connected? It should last at least 15-20 seconds. If won't come on, or if it powers down in less than 10 seconds after removing power, you definitely have a dead battery. And the symptoms are identical to those I experienced when one of my 9 units had failing battery.

You can get them for about USD8 from eBay. It's a bit of a challenge to get the case open, and get to the solder points for the battery leads. But if you have reasonably good dexterity, good eyes, and steady hands, you should have no issue replacing it.

February 15, 2016 | Unregistered Commentererkme73

@erkme73 Yep, looks like the battery is totally dead. Won't power on at all without it being connected to a supply. I have formatted the card in the camera and with it plugged into the wall charger, powers on and records fine. I will try it out tomorrow and over the next few days, manually powering down to see if that keeps it going. In the meantime I will get an new battery ordered. I don't have an issue attempting to repair it anyway, after it isn't going to work if I don't! was looking for a UK vendor carrying a 402030 battery but can't seem to find one. They are the same types of batteries used in things like bluetooth headphones and the like so I may just order something of similar size (the code for the battery relates to the size of it) but see if there is something with a slightly higher rating. Will keep this forum posted.

February 15, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterIanL

I've tried many Dashcams over the last few years, and the 0806 is without doubt the most unreliable that I have ever used.
It does its own thing, records if it feels like it, switches off at random, if you break your journey i.e. to pick up news paper, refuses to restart. Recently has started alarm noise to tell me that my genuine Sandisk SD Cards (class 10) are too slow. Tried Lexar 600x genuine. Got rid of alarm noise. Still does not work.

February 27, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterKevin Garten

Hi Techmoan.

Love the various reviews of yours that I've read so far.
With regard to the mini 0806 could you tell me, who actually manufactures this camera ?

I've seen various sellers on both Amazon and ebay, most appear to be unbranded but some are branded Eyoyo.

I wouldn't want to fall down a hole a end up buying a "Knock off" if you have any recommendations or tips to safe buying of the aforementioned dashcam I would much appreciated it.

Thank you and regards,
The Soulman.

March 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterThe Soulman

Mini 0806 Dashcam s latest version of dash cam I used this cam in last 3 months

March 10, 2016 | Unregistered Commentershobana

I have been using the Mini 806 in the front of my car for probably about a year now and an A118 wedge in the rear. I have just noticed that the 806 is not looping recordings. When the card is full it stops recording any more. Card is a Samsung 32 Pro H1. I have replaced it with a SandiskUltra 16GB Class 10 so we will see haw it goes. Is this a card problem or a card problem?

March 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBarry Y

I have been having problems with my 0806 for a couple of weeks now, only 4 mths old.
Did firmware update a few weeks ago? Three beeps when shutting down the three beeps while driving along, bloody annoying. Got on to seller and they asked me to just try one thing, reformat the card, Scan Disc 64Gb (genuine) in the computed NOT the camera. Was getting 10 second clips with 30 second intervals, NOW Seamless 5 min loops now :-) very happy will continue to monitor, here's hoping.

March 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDreamcaster51

Great review as ever of the Mini 806 but so difficult to select a supplier on Amazon or eBay for this baby sorting through not only the multitude of suppliers but variants of the name of the mini 806. This makes me suspicious that there are a lot of clones out there or are they just sold as various one barands?

I opted for the "Blueskysea Mini 0806 A7LA50 Chip Full HD 1296P Discrete Dash Car Camera" by Blueskysea apparently bundled with the CPL
although I could have selected the ""WINGONEER® Mini 0806 A7 1296P GPS G-Sensor Ambarella Car Security Cam Dash Camera" by Wingoneer without the CPL.

I choose the Blueskysea version because it didn't appear to be re-branded from the photographs, had the CPL and from UK stockest.

when it arrive on Easter Sunday morning about 14 hours after ordering I was disappointed to see it was screen printed with the logo "EYOYO", the screen protector had been partly removed, but more seriously though was that on of the spring loaded contact pins on the GPS logger was bent and coming out of its hole rendering it useless but also this must have been previously shipped and come to think of it the logger wasn't in a little poly bag so may not have been part of the original pack.

Who actually makes the Genuine "mini 806' and should it simply be described as "mini 806 Dash Cam with GPS" or is it normal for it to be branded as EYOYO, Wingoneer or Blueskysae or some such?

March 27, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBarry Haeger

0806 or 0807 with capacitor?
Mini 0807 Ambarella A7 1080P HD Car Dash Camera Capacitor GPS Night Vision Parking Monitor.

Firstly, thank you for a very informative review of the mini 0806. Having read several other online reviews I note a common thread with regard to reliability (most makes) appears to be the lithium battery. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the lithium battery is not very good at coping with heat - and as many cars are left outside in direct sunlight, I'm wondering if this is why so many online forums complain about reliability? After all, you wouldn't leave your iPad on your car dash all year long and not expect it to suffer.

It note the 0807 uses a capacitor rather than a battery, I'm assuming for improved reliability against thermal shocks. Have you tested the 0807 and would you consider it a better option for a car that is often parked on a drive in direct sunlight? As good as the 0806 is, from what I've read the battery is not replaceable and I can't see the point of hauling around a piece of plastic all year round for a failed record on a hot summers day.

Am I being overly pessimistic? Is the 0807 a better dash cam? I'd really appreciate your opinion.

Thanks in advance.


April 18, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStephen

I have the 8060 which worked fine for over a year then went haywire for no apparent reason. Displays card error messages even on newly formatted cards, battery continually flattens itself for no reason, the GPS mount has developed the usual fault of dodgy contacts leading to intermittent switching on and off, the LAWS system works intermittently, going crazy when reversing. Quality is very poor really but the video quality is really excellent. I understand that the GPS mount problem can be fixed by packing with a piece of card after disassembly of the mount. but as there is no apparent way of opening the unit there is no way to fix the battery problem.

These units, and their variants are a non fixable throwaway item and it will not be replaced with another amberella unit!

Caveat Emptor!

May 24, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBob

Hello sir. Thankyou for doing very good, informative and enjoyable assorted tech reviews.
I hoped to get a k1S but our budget won't stretch that far, in your considered opinion is the 0806 still the titleholder for the bold claim of dashcam that you'd have if you didn't have a K1S? Our budget accommodates the 0806 nicely and it does appear to have an abundance of heat freeing holes which is an issue for us as our locale is in the South Australian outback. I'm asking this of you because time has passed since you made the 0806 review and there may be other contenders for that claim eg the VanTru duo you recently reviewed had some impressive image clarity and metal heat transfer edging.
Yours gratefully
Paul & Jane

May 25, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Bourke

Unfortunately quite a few people reported reliability issues with the 0806 camera..due to the mount working loose or the camera overheating. I'd suggest avoiding it. If you want a small camera with a screen then the Vantrue N1 is a great little camera - but only sold in the US at the moment. However it's due internationally next month. If you don't need a screen, I'm working on a new camera review at the moment for a screenless mini camera with wifi and gps, I'm hoping its going to be a good one.

May 25, 2016 | Registered CommenterTechmoan

Regarding the 1 HUGE pitfall of the mini0806 - that it only lasts around 2 months in a hot summer environment (succh as Texas where I live) due to it containing a battery (which is not easily changed) instead of a capacitor:

So after comparing almost a dozen $100-$150 price range units of various mid level or above processors, I decided the mini0806 is the highest quality for the money (in terms of effective resolution, night light sensitivity and wide angle), and not own 1 for each car.

The HUGE issue is that the battery problem.
You can't keep taking it down when you park (because the GPS mount wears out.
And if you leave it up when parked, the internal battery takes heat beating, rendering it useless with in 2 months here in Texas.

So... I've figured out how to change the battery.
Having 3 units, and each battery is good for around 2 months (in high heat times of the year), I'm probably changing batteries around 10 times/year.

Note that if you do not keep up with the battery, the unit will still function via the power cord, however, when you shut the engine off, it will die abruptly and you will loose the last video segment. So if you have a bad accident that kills power, you will not have that most important video.
Also, with out a working internal battery, the date and time and such will be useless.

Anyway, there are videos on the internet that show how to open the unit, and then how to access the battery, which is sandwiched between 2 circuit boards that pull apart once the unit is opened. THen you simply desolder the 2 wires from the old one, and connect the new.

The real issue is finding the battery, and at a reasonable price since you go through so many.

So to anyone in this situation, this will help you a lot.

The battery # *whcih you can then find good deals on ebay) is: 402030.
It's a 3.7V, 200mAh battery made for things like radio controlled helicopters.

There is an identical battery that seems to be less expensive, and is the one I buy - #: 042030
(so just swap the "40" for a "04" - makes me winder if a supplier somewhere was dyslexic. lol).

On ebay, you will see suppliers selling lots of 10 for under $10 - that's less than $2/battery ! - can't beat that.

I don't know why they refuse to change this to a capacitor design, but until then, and for your existing units, hope this helps.

Notes about opening the unit:
The circular cap on the side must 1st come off. It has 2 plastic snap areas that hold it on.
You really need to find a video to know where they are.
Once you have that off, it's simply a matter of unscrewing 3 philips screws.

Be careful of a spring and ball bearing that makes it click when you rotate the camera up and down.
I lost it when I opened my 1st unit, but fortunately it's not something critical to operation (just means it will no longer "click" when you rotate the camera up and down).

Also be careful of the wire to the side power switch when you reassemble the unit.
Make sure the wire is neatly tucked in and not int he way of putting it back together, else you might damage the wire.

Good luck !

June 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLee Birnbaum

Oh, forgot to mention, regarding my last post on how to change the battery...

If anyone needs more information or assistance, just respond (and I think I get notified), and I can provide more information, like pictures (or links to pictures) to show important steps, as well as links to the correct batteries on ebay or amazon.

Cheers !
- Lee

June 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLee Birnbaum

thanks, Lee, for that information.
I've been intending to fit a permanently-on power socket in my car to power the dashcam; it means I'd have to remember to turn it on and off manually, but means I am not dependent on the mini08's battery to stop it losing videos or even corrupting the card due to power loss.

I think there's a fundamental difference in the power circuits between battery and capacitor backup. The capacitor is only there to ensure the camera can shut down cleanly when the external power is lost, not to run it for long periods of time.

I think if you live in a country with blazing sunshine, then you need to consider a dashcam where the recorder is a separate box, something like the Koonlung K1S, so that the recorder and battery pack can be out of the sun. Even then, the inside of the car is a really hostile environment. I've been in Arizona in late summer and a car turns into an electronics-killing furnace!

June 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPaul M

I have the Mini 0806 and swap it between 2 cars - both cars are hard wired for it. Last summer I remember to take it out of the car when leaving it parked. A couple of weeks ago we parked up somewhere for lunch - we are in the UK and it is just warming up here - nothing like where other posters are - however upon getting back in the car we heard a loud alarm type noise. Having never heard it before we checked everything including mobile phones and looked under the bonnet. Turns out it was the dashcam - it had over heated. We were totally unable to switch off the noise it was making so we stuck it in the boot under some other stuff till it eventually shut up. However, since then it has worked fine. The moral of this tale is - in hot weather take it out of the window when parked up - or out of the car altogether. According to the instructions, this also applies in freezing weather. As for wrecking the mount with constant removal of the dashcam - we have 2 mounts - one in each car- in regular in/out use and the mounts have been ok. Just be gentle. Having had this dashcam for a while now I make the following observations - yes it is small and discreet when in use - however, try playing back on it or changing settings etc.... - it's way too small for all that. If it's discreet you want, this will do the job - but if you wanna do it for free - I.e when hiring a car as we did earlier this year, you can use a mobile phone and an app.

June 4, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterfizz

Paul - Incidentally, 2 of my cars possessing a mini0806 have "always on" power adapters, so perform as you mentioned you want to set your up.
So from 1st hand experience, I've learned tha that's not a full solution.

Here's why, and some other points:

1. I found that the unit, when "on" generates some internal heat, so when leaving it "on" in a hot, sun beating parked car, it gets even hotter than when off. Seems like all the heat issues (which is more than just the battery) are accelerated by leaving it on in such environments.
Some of the other heat issues I had was the plastic GPS mount "stretching" slightly so that the unit doesn't make a snug fit/connection, and it flickers on and off as I hit bumps (which might not have even has been noticed if the battery was working)

2. While it's a great little unit, it's just not of the quality engineering such that it can really operate indefinitely.
I find mine, almost regularly, gets in an odd state requiring reset. Sometimes the screen and sound get in a flickering loop, which is easily resolved by turning it off and on again.

3. See my original mention about if you get in a bad enough accident where you loose vehicle batter power.
In that case, you would lose the latest, and most important clip due to improper shutdown.
On the other hand, thinking from a different "angle" (no pun intended), since most cars have batteries in the front, an accident that resulted in this would likely be a front end angle collision, which is usually your fault, and maybe you don't want a recording anyway !!! haha
On the other hand, many European cars, like Jaguars and BMW's have batteries in the back, so...

4. The "parking guard" obviously willn't work with out a working battery.
But If you just leave always powered on... then I guess that's a mute point.

So my advice is, change the battery if it goes bad.
Then take measures to keep it from overheating.

Here's what I'm not doing to keep it from excessive heat:
I noticed that the car that I use a windshield sun visor tends to go through batteries faster than the one with out.
It must be because the mini0806 is right against the windshield, before the sun visor takes effect.
So the reflective (silver) sun visor must be reflecting rays on the back, while the actual sun is hitting the front, heating it from 2 sides instead of 1 !
(this is the same concept with home roofs - improperly installed solar barrier boarding can reduce life you your shingles because it's reflecting heat back up, baking your shingles from both top and bottom.)

So the simple "fix" I started doing is to try to force the sun visor to go underneath the mino0806 to the extent possible, instead of after it, where it's in direct sunlight.

Note that I think the heat it suffers is from direct sunlight hitting it, more than it's from the actual air temperature in the car.
It doesn't help that the unit is black. Maybe sprat painting it white might help !!! haha

That said, for my other older vehicle that I don't use a sun visor, I was thinking of making a very small, kind of custom sun visor just for the mini0806, probably cut and bend out of piece of aluminium from home depot, that can be easily be places on the unit shielding most of the sun's rays.

Fix - as for your thing about the overheating sound and not being able to shut it off.
I believe there is a semi-forced, semi-hard shutoff procedure when it's in a software loop preventing a normal soft shutoff.
Just hold the side power button depressed for around 5 full seconds.
I've had to do this a lot for various reasons. Ofcourse, if your battery goes to crap, the silver lining is that it's always easy to shut it off ! :(

As for a sound, are you sure it was due to overheating ? Was there a message on the screen that actually said this ?
I had mine making a very strange 3 part sound.
2 beeps followed by a 3rd different pitch beep, then a pause, and then the 3 beep pattern repeats, and so on...
It was because something went wrong with the micro SD cards, and they needed reformatting to be able to write to again.

Silly me didn't know it was the dashcam, and thought it was coming from the inside the car dashboard.
I actually brought the car to the dealer, who listened to it/ scratched their heads, called over other technicians, and said I needed to schedule a full analysis.
Haha - fortunately I somehow figured out what it really was before spending hundreds of $$$ on dealer diagnosis !!!

June 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLee Birnbaum

Hi Lee, yes I'm sure it was due to over heating as it was a very warm day and we had left it in the car for about an hour. The noise only began when we fired up the ignition on the car. It gave us a bit of a concern to be honest as it is very loud and sounds like an alarm. We thought something was wrong with the car. Having checked EVERYTHING we traced it to the dash cam. The dash cam was totally unresponsive to everything we tried to do with it and we could only hope the battery went flat as quick as it does when you try and play something back. We've had no further issues since this episode and once it went flat the alarm stopped. We are diligently trying to take the dash cam out of the car other than at night.
More feed back on this dash cam - those who have it will know it is tiny. The drawback is trying to play back on it - unless you remove the sd card and play it back elsewhere it will be nigh on impossible at the roadside if you had to as the battery does not last long enough.
My cam has 2 x sd cards and they will not swap to each other when full and never have. It's been something we can live with.
Finally, if you have a decent mobile phone, you can get a brilliant app called Cam On Road - we used this set up in a hire car on a recent driving holiday - brilliant pics. You won't want a fiddly little mini cam once you have done this.

June 5, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterfizz

I have changed the battery in the mini0806 and it seems to be working just fine now. Well it has for two weeks anyway, time will tell. The original battery had failed and had puffed up, like this battery type often does. Good job it didnt decide to spontaneously combust!! There is no doubt in my mind that a capacitor version will always be preferable to batteries for dash cam use. Sure you won't get much life out of it but you will gain reliability. If you need to view files you could always get a memory card adapter for your phone. I have seen the dash cam apps out there and they are too much of a compromise for the regular driver, in my opinion anyway.

June 15, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterIanL

Mine has worked now for well over a year - apart from occasionally in the summer. It now randomly switches on and off - maybe the mount I suppose although I very rarely dismount it. The last issue is noise emanating from the thing. Sounds like a fan with damaged blades - disconcerting to say the least since it was very difficult to locate the sound - seemed to be coming from my dash area. Think I am going to have to junk it - expensive at that replacement rate.

July 2, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterRolph Muller

IanL - I get that problem occasionally, and need to reboot it to get it to work again.

But you mention the mount.
I have actually had mount problems.
On 1 unit, even though I never removed it fromt he mount, the mount stretched out making it slightly loose (from the suns heat I assume).
A loose mount means it flicker the power (and GPS) on and off.
Things complicate because it means it's also not charging properly (continuously when on), compounding the problem.

I've tried to fix the mount, but found the simplest thing was to just plug the micro USB charge cable directly into the unit instead of the mount, and everything magically cleared up (just no more GPS).
Ofcourse, the direct micro usb port is at the top of the unit, so it's very tight against the window (guess they never intended you to use it instead of the mount), but you can still make it work.

What I suggest is that you try this, as a test, to see if the mount is the issue, and if that is the problem, consider just buying a new mount (I've seen them sold by themselves.)

Additionally, I think I ma be having issues with a charge wire.
Not sure if its the charger, or the micro USB connector going bad as they often do in general.
So as a further test, you might also try your own micro USB cable, connected to a separate USB charger (e.g. for a phone charger).
The output voltage is the same...

Note that this means you can even test the unit in yoru house, using most any micro USB charger/cable.

In addition, just for good measure, while you have the unit out, might as well check and update the firmware as appropriate, as well as do a full reset and reformat of the SD cards.

So in summary, (before making the call to trash it), I suggest:
1. Test Mount: Bypass the mount and plug the micro USB cable directly into the unit
2. Test Charger: Try a separate USB charger/cable instead of the supplied one
3. Test battery (once fully charged with a direct connection and different charger (vs. the questionable mount and supplied charger), see how long the unit stays on once the supply is disconnected. e.g. long enough to soft shut down, and not just go off too soon ?
4. Reset/reformat SD cards (for good measure)
5. Update Firmware (for good measure)

If it still keeps acting up, I suppose you should also try changing out the micro SD cards.
But beyond that, yeah, would suggest the unit has become internally defective, and probably not worth repair.

But I suspect one of the steps above will most likely resolve the issue. least try...

July 2, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLee Birnbaum

How can I get a "customized AV OUT CABLE" in order to view on my car navigation/DVD SCREEN.

July 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBERNIE

my mini 806 worked fine for 5-6 months. Now it won't stay on more than a few seconds. Seller would not reply. Will have to buy something else

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered Commentermarilyn

Marilyn, the battery needs replacing, go on youtube to watch a replacement on a 0801, go on amazon and buy one, about $4 from China, I replaced mine a few weeks ago , works as good as new.

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDoublediamond

I spent 5 months trying to get mine working until I found that the connection on the mounting kit was 'bad'. Since I've plugged the power supply into the camera directly, I've had no problems at all

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLen

A word of warning - if you think you can rely on this dashcam for evidential reasons - you cannot. A vehicle cut us up badly nearly causing a crash before speeding off. Thought we could get the numberplate from the playback -sadly not. Whole incident is recorded but the bit that matters is not even readable. Very very disappointed. I have tried some free versions of video editing software to just sharpen the image but it does not work.

September 18, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterfizz

Hey Fizz, any chance you could show us the clip in question? I'm sure mine would show readable number plates



September 18, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLen

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