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The joke's on me

A year or more ago I bought a modified Fisher Price PXL-2000 camera. This is a one-off video camera from 1987 that records onto standard chrome compact cassettes.  As it is something that never came out in the UK, I was interested in testing one for myself as well as making a video about it. However before I got around to it other videos and articles appeared online about the camera, so I felt there was no need to rehash what had already been said and left it on a shelf. 

In the months that followed I kept receiving emails and comments asking me if I'd ever heard of this device and suggesting if I could ever get hold of one that it would be an interesting thing to review. Seeing that the first of April was coming up in a couple of weeks, I hatched a plan to finally use the PXL-2000 - and you can see the results below.

There's a bit of subtext here - in April 2016 I made a video explaining that from my experience the most noticeable difference between viewing UHD Blu-rays and standard Blu-rays on a 65" TV is more likely to be the colour depth and HDR rather than the resolution increase. I explained that this was something that could only be experienced in person - not through youtube and certainly not through a non-HDR camera pointed at a screen and shown in a non-HDR video stream on a non HDR computer screen. Just to be sure this message got through, I repeated it a couple of times in the video as well as displaying as text to warn people not to try and assess the performance from a youtube video.

Unfortunately despite my best efforts most of the comments posted were along the lines of "the HDR version looks darker and a bit orange to me". All I really wanted to get across in the video was that a lot of the internet articles at the time were only focussing on the increased resolution when the reality was that this didn't make much difference at a typical viewing distance unless your screen size was getting on for 80" - however the changes brought via HDR encoded discs would be apparent on a HDR capable screen of any size.

This disheartening experience gave me an idea. If this many people believed they could assess HDR performance whilst watching a non HDR video, how far would they take this idea... and that's why I decided to use a 90p resolution B&W 15fps mono camera to demonstrate a 2160p HDR Atmos surround video. 

There is no trickery here - the UHD Blu-ray and the standard Blu-ray are really being shown one after the other...and the camera recording them is the PXL-2000, and the microphone being used is the built in one on the camera (except during the voice-over sections). The outro graphics were recorded through the camera from a video displayed on my TV. The reason that you can't hear the usual whining sound of the PXL-2000's motor is that the camera was in standby and the video was being captured over composite out cables from my modified camera. For greater effect I should probably have recorded to tape and then captured that to get the full effect - but this was much easier and allowed longer recording times. 

A bit of trivia - the UK tradition of April Fools Day states that it should finish at noon. If it carries on after this time then the perpetrator themselves becomes the fool.  Before I went to bed the night before I scheduled the video to go live at 8am. As soon as I got up I had to go out for the morning and returned just after noon at which point I set the video to ensure that I was following the tradition. I then came to the realisation that I'd done a heck of a lot of work for just four hours of 'fun' this is one tradition that I have no plans to repeat in the future. 

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Reader Comments (8)

I laughed all the way through, very well done.

Just a thought though, instead of Unlisted, you could append to the title to '[April Fools Joke]' or similar, then it's still available but mainains the spirits of the tradition.

April 3, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJonathan Kay


Like watching 1950's Techmoan Lol

" I then came to the realisation that I'd done a heck of a lot of work for just four hours of 'fun' "

Made me chuckle. Thanks.

April 5, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermesh

I really enjoyed the video. In countries where it is not celebrated the first of April (fools' day) it is very easy to be fooled! Obviously after a few seconds watching I noticed the joke I had a good time laughing.

You made my day. Your sense of humor is excellent and you are a great professional. I would like you to continue including comedy on your channel.

Have a nice day!

April 5, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSergio

I came across one of these PXL 2000's at a car boot sale about a year ago. Mine doesn't work and I haven't got round to looking at it yet so I found it very interesting to see what the picture quality is like. I thought the pixelation gave things a rather artistic effect! So as well as giving me a laugh this has spurred me on to look at this device!

April 5, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSebastian Sekinger

oh it did work. cant get the wide grin out of my face

April 7, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterOliver


April 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAndy

Hi Tech-Mat, though the video is meant as an april fool's joke it still is perfect satire. So just add "(SATIRE)" to the title, set it public again and you won't be a fool! Only those who don't get it are the fools! Anyway, due to YouTube being available globally somewhere in the world it was already past noon even before the video went live. The internet is not a place for such superstition. Cheers from Germany!

April 18, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMarius Loubeeka

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