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Pick of the Camera Reviews

(Click the pictures for reviews & links) 


Yi 2 - Best Budget 4K 

Gitup Git2 (My Pick)

Xiaomi Yi


DR02 D - Best Budget Dual Cam

Yi Ultra 2.7K
Mobius (also works as a Dashcam)
Polaroid Cube+
Drift Ghost X

My favourite USB battery power Pack

This is the excellent USB power pack I use when I travel.

2 x 2.1amp outputs. 8400mAh capacity.

Two digit Led display shows battery level


What SD CARD should I buy?

If you want an SD Card for your camera - these are the ones I use and recommend. 

I'd strongly recommend not to buy any SD cards off ebay - I've heard about too many issues with counterfeit cards - often sold on by unwitting resellers. My inbox regularly gets messages from people who bought a £150 camera then cheaped out and bought a £3 memory card on ebay - Then when it doesn't worth they blame the camera! It doesn't make any sense. Good memory is cheaper than it's ever been - see the links above.

A lot of HD cameras will not work properly with cards larger than 32GB (cards over 32GB are usually SDXC rather than the SDHC standard used by 32GB cards. SDXC cards use the ex-FAT system rather than FAT32 - in short they are a different standard). - so don't just buy the biggest card you can afford - read the specs in the manual to see what it accepts.


RECOMMENDED CARDS (for action cams - see dashcams below)

CLASS 10 UHS-1 CARDS (For HD Cameras)


U3 CARD (For 4K cameras)




The SD card in a dashcam is re-written over, more frequently than in other types of cameras. Some manufacturers void their guarantee if an SD card was used in a dashcam. So, no surprise, there are special High Endurance SD cards made just for's some.


VERY IMPORTANT. These links take you to the product, however Amazon have three different ways of selling. There's Amazon Direct - This means that you are only dealing with Amazon themselves, then there's other sellers that use Amazon's facilities - these show as Fulfilled By Amazon and finally there's Market Place sellers that advertise on Amazon, but operate independently.  I strongly recommend that you only use the first...the Amazon Direct - Sold By Amazon option. Even if it appears that you are paying a couple of £/$ more it is more than likely you are comparing the price of a real item against the price of a fake.

To give you an idea of the extent of the fake goods problem. In a 2016 survey by Apple - 90% of the 'Apple' chargers sold through Amazon - using the other the two methods..which includes the "Fulfilled by Amazon" option -  were found to be counterfeit....90%! 


Extra Long play - The 2 hour LP & 2.5 hour CD

A look at two different approaches at squeezing more music onto one disc. 


Hi-Vision Laserdisc 

A two-part video about Hi-Vision LD, the first way to play High Definition movies from an optical disc.

This launched twenty five years ago in Japan, thirteen years before Blu-ray & HD-DVD. In these videos I talk about the background, the technology and titles available and do some side-by-side video quality comparisons.

You might also be intersted in some overpriced merch.


Sony's TV Sound De-mumbler

This is something that I bought for my parents, but I thought it was worth sharing in a video.

If you have trouble hearing the TV across a room this wireless Sony speaker might be the answer. It receives the audio from the TV - boosts the vocals and enables you bring the sound closer to where you sit. 


AMAZON LINKS BELOW (Affiliated Links)

Here's the product on the Sony UK Website




e-book readers - 1990 edition

I'd expect that quite a few people here will remember these Sony e-readers, but I've noticed that they rarely get a mention online. As a result it's likely there's a generation out there who won't be aware that seventeen years before the Kindle made e-readers popular, there was an earlier attempt to sell them to the general public. The Kindle might have got it right - but Sony got their first, and showed them how not to do it.  


MQA-CD The New Hi-Res CDs from Japan

On the 20th June, Universal music in Japan released one hundred album titles on a new physical hi-res music format, MQA-CD. These discs contain hi-res audio but are also backwardly compatible so they can be played at CD quality on any CD player. 

However, while the discs themselves are quite reasonably priced, it seems that they've put the cart before the horse, because playing them back is anything but.



APS - The Analog Photo Slideshow

Sometimes the simplest ideas end up becoming the most complicated ones to achieve. Okay, so this wasn't exactly 'let's go to the moon by the end of the decade' - but my plan to demonstrate a machine from 1996 that displays photos on a TV screen, proved to be far more complicated than I could have ever anticipated.

Anyway, a year after first having that seemingly simple's the video. Yes, the juice probably wasn't worth the squeeze.


 DPReview also recently make a video about APS Film - you can see this here

The quick & easy photo enhancing software I demonstrated in the video is PhotoLemur - available for Win & MacOS.

All Box, no Boom : The Technics Sitman

The Co-Deck was Technics (rushed?) response to the runaway success of the Sony Walkman.

After the Sony Walkman arrived on the scene in 1979 at a price of 33,000 Yen the Technics Co-Deck M1 turned up in 1980 at a price of 29,800 Yen.  Whilst also being a portable cassette player, this was a very different machine in a form-factor that was never to be repeated. A look inside reveals a tell tale mystery button that gives away its simple origins.

FAQs including an update on the operation of the Rewind Auto-play function can be found in the youtube comments.


No one reviews printers any more (well nearly no one). 

A couple of the videos I was hoping to work on this week were held up while I waited for parts to arrive. So here's a review of the Epson ET-7700 printer instead. Purchased from Amazon UK  (Affiliated Link)



The Three-in-One Proto-boombox from the 1960s

A look at an audio oddity. 

Warning this video includes a 'shaggy dog story' -  if you get to 21 minutes into the video...just keep watching for another 3 minutes and all will be revealed.


Casio Number Invaders Return

A quick look at the return of a calculator game from my youth.

One thing that I neglected to mention in the video is that the high scoring 'n' character is summoned whenever the preceeding eliminated digits add up to 10. This adds considerably to the strategy required in achieving a high score.


Kontax Stirling Engine Kit

In this video I assemble a kit that makes a Stirling Engine. It is manufactured by Kontax in the U.K. and can be found on eBay and on their own website